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Frequently Asked Questions

Since starting our website, we have received many e-mails asking similar questions about our store. We'll try our best to answer those most commonly asked. If these don't quite address something you need to know, simply use the "Contact Us" page or give us a call during business hours.


Do you ship items?

Yes, we ship. If you would like to purchase any of the items you see, please follow the shopping cart links at the top of each page to go to our mirror site that features online shopping. You may also simply click on the link below to get to the home page of our online shopping website.


Do you sell wholesale?

No, we do not. We are a retail store and simply cannot sell at a wholesale level. Many items we sell at our store are priced less than what most online wholesalers charge. We also custom pack your order, so you may buy exactly how many pounds of bulk items and how many pieces of individually sold items you want. Unlike most online sites that make you buy cases, full boxes or prepackaged amounts, we allow you to shop our online store just as if you were walking the aisles in person.


How long do regular or large orders take to be shipped?

Regular sized orders are usually shipped within a few days. However, larger orders such as a case(s) may take a week or so depending upon our supply source. We deal with numerous wholesalers and manufacturers across the United States to keep the large selection available in our store. We do not stock extra cases in addition to our stores inventory, but rather receive deliveries on a weekly, bi-weekly and per order basis from them. This allows us to be certain we constantly have the freshest foods for you at our store. Depending on when your order is placed and what you need, we can let you know how soon we can get it for you.


Can you get items other than those available in your store?

Yes. Even if we do not carry an item in our store's inventory, if something you need is available from any of our suppliers, we will get it for you. We will provide you with pricing and approximate time frame for us to get your item.


Product & pricing disclaimer.

All products and prices are subject to change without notice. Prices posted on this website are updated frequently, but may not be the most current pricing for any items contained within this site. We reserve the right to correct and adjust any and all prices of items, as well as correct any errors or inaccuracies that may occur in this website.